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NewVIP Item Added. This item will give you all rates x2 plus all Hot Springs buffs in your skills.
NewNew Armors and Weapons Sets has been added to the Game. Download the Update from Downloads Section.
FixDagger damage VS all classes has been significantly improved.
FixMage damage VS Fighter has been significantly improved.
FixStats on Weapons Wisdom Avenger (Health) and Wisdom Singer (Empower) has been corrected.
NewNew Item has been added to the Donation Shop (misc) Now you can buy Wyvern.
UpdateNow you can spoil Raid Rewards and Crystal Scrolls on Party farm.
NewParty Farm Event is now live. Duration 60min and automaticly start every 2 hours. When Event starts some diferent monsters will apear in the Party Zone which have better Spoil rates.
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