[ADM] Wiseposted an update

Server Rates

EXP/SP: x500
Adena: x500
Drop: x1
Spoil: x1

Enchant & Rates

Safe/Max Enchant: +8/+20
Normal Scroll (+0 to 16): 60%
Blessed Scroll (+0 to 16): 70%
Crystal Scroll (+17 to 20): 70-65-60-40%

Game Features

NPC Buffer with full buffs 2h duration
GM Shop A-S Grade (Adena)
Custom Shop Wisdom Items (farmable)
Auto-learn skills
Buff Slots 54
Custom Mage - Fighter Tattoos
Offline Stores
Free Class Transfers
Free Subclass
Party that do Lasthit on Barakiel get Nobless
Champion mobs is x5 Stats - drop Event Reward 100%

Full working Geodata and Pathnodes
Boss Status NPC with real time updates
Shift + Click Droplist on Monsters
Stackable LS/BOGS/Enchants
To register on a Siege required Clan Level 5
Weekly (7 days) olympiad circle. Heroes every monday 12:00 gmt+2
Non-class based needs 5 minimum participants to begin
Class based needs 5 minimum participants to begin
Custom Armors / Weapons / Jewels (Check Custom NPC for stats)
All Raidboss drop High/Top LS, Farm Reward, RaidBoss Reward. Only Frintezza Drop Crystal Scrolls
1 Active + 1 Passive - Chance High 10% Top 15%

Voting System

🕜 You can vote every 12 Hours
10 Vote Coins per site for each successfull vote, plus some auto global rewards.